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    5 tips to transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis

    Tip 1: Integrate natural elements

    With wooden materials you can transform your bedroom into a natural environment. Interior enthusiast Valerie from @valeriemainmat chose 3D wood strips Ultra Wood Yakisugi in black, made from upcycled Asian teak.

    "I covered the entire wall behind my bed with the wood strips, which creates a feature wall." When I came across them, I was immediately convinced. I was looking for something original that you don't see everywhere.


    To bring more nature into your home, brighten up your bedroom with houseplants. From aloe vera or grass lily to curly fern: they increase the humidity and produce extra oxygen, which helps you sleep better. Moreover, the mere sight of that green has a calming effect.

    Tip 2: Choose the right colors

    Calming colors belong in a low-stimulus room. If you go for neutral nuances such as white or beige, your room will look light and spacious.

    Or go for a different color. Research shows that you sleep longest in a fresh blue bedroom. Green has a positive effect on your night's sleep and reminds you of balance and nature.

    For a cozy effect, choose a dark color palette. Black, for example: a timeless classic that generates the ultimate cocoon feeling. Your space feels mysterious and intimately. With luxurious silver details you can imitate the shine of the moon, so that it looks like night. If you like a wood look, you will fall asleep thanks to 3D wood strips UltraWood Yakisugi in silver from Rebel Of Styles.

    You can combine light and dark equally well. The mix of black and white creates a cool contrast, Valerie agrees: “I chose white bedside tables and bedding because I think it fits well with the black wood of the strips.”


    Whichever shades you have in mind, limit yourself to a maximum of three colors. You can have them reflected in your walls, ceiling, bedding and accessories.

    Tip 3: Limit the incidence of light

    Soft, warm lighting fits in a soothing bedroom. You can also opt for lamps that you can dim, so that you can adjust the atmosphere.

    You sleep better in total darkness, because bright light can disrupt your rhythm. The darker your room, the more restful you sleep. Therefore, hang blackout curtains. And avoid the blue light of your television, computer, smartphone or tablet an hour before you go to bed.

    Tip 4: Experiment with scents

    Have you thought about scented candles, essential oils or incense? Scents calm your nervous system, so you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

    If you're looking for inspiration: lavender oil, sandalwood and jasmine are examples of sleep-inducing scents. Chose one that you like, otherwise it will miss its effect. A strong scent has a stimulating effect, so the fewer drops, the better you relax.

    Tip 5: Keep it clean

    When your room is tidy, so is your head. Make sure everything is in order to create peace and a sense of security.

    You keep your bedroom tidy by storing your belongings in locked cabinets or boxes. Give them a permanent place so that you can access them quickly. And if a minimalist lifestyle appeals to you, you can declutter regularly. As "cluttering guru" Marie Kondo recommends, ask yourself with each item if it makes you happy. If not, give or get rid of it.

    Want to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere with wood strips? You can choose from several variants in the UltraWood series from the Rebel of Styles brand.

    Do you have a space other than your bedroom in mind?

    This is what Valerie from @valeriemainmat says: “The wood strips from fit into any space and interior: from an industrial or modern to Scandinavian style. Moreover, you can mount them quickly and easily. I've had them for two years now and I'm still just as happy with them.”

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