Rebel of Styles 3D Textile Black

Rebel of Styles
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3D TexTile the basic edition wall panels are one of the hottest wall design products in the market today. Velvet Fabrics on awesome designed 3D panels, combine a true warm and wonderful look and feel with outstanding acoustic isolation features.

Chosen by various leading interior designers in Europe and USA as one of the hottest and most innovative luxury home design products of the last years. 3D TexTile wall panels the basic edition by RebelOfStyles®  are high quality Dutch designed panels for creating easy out of the box awesome, trendy and luxury 3D walls.



  • fashionable 3D textile panels suitable for many applications
    • TV Backwalls
    • Private Cinema Room Walls
    • Feature Walls in Bars, Restaurants, Lobby
    • Hotel Rooms
    • Living Rooms
    • Bed Headboards
    • amazing low weight 
  • acoustic isolation feature
  • fast & easy installation
no special tools required

  • awesome 3D texture

  • for almost any solid surface
well suited for small areas

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