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    Style for Homes BV privacy policy for the Style4Walls.com online store 2022/2023

    In this privacy policy, Style4Walls BV (hereinafter: ‘Style4Walls’) provides more information on how it deals with the personal data of the users of the Style4Walls online store (hereinafter: ‘the Online Store’). This document provides details on which personal and other data are collected and processed by Style4Walls to facilitate optimal delivery of its services and products. This privacy policy forms an integral part of the general terms and conditions of the online store. The definitions listed in Article 1 of these general terms and conditions are also used in this privacy policy. 

    1. Data controller and contact details

    Style4Walls is the data controller of the personal data described in this privacy policy. Style4Walls has its registered office at Robert Schumandomein 2, 6229 ES Maastricht, The Netherlands and can be contacted by e-mail on [email protected].

    2. Scope

    This privacy policy is applicable to all data Style4Walls collects and processes in the context of the services it provides via the Online Store. As such, this privacy policy applies to all users of the Online Store in relation to whom Style4Walls collects and processes personal data. The personal data in question are exclusively collected and processed in the European Union (Western Europe).

    3. The personal data Style4Walls collects for the Online Store

    Style4Walls collects and processes the following personal and other data provided by users of the Online Store once they have consented, whether directly or indirectly: 

    • Contact details, being name and address details, including the e-mail addresses of users;
    • A password the user may use to access an account on the Online Store;
    • Other personal data, including the sex of users, the IP addresses of tablets, PCs, or smartphones, the unique identifiers of cookies placed on these devices, the duration of visits to the Online Store, data that illustrate in which way, where, and how often the Online Store is used, registration dates, the smartphone, PC, or tablet models on which the Online Store is used, and the associated operating systems;
    • Purchase data, in the sense that the purchases made by users may be traced by Style4Walls, given the fact that there is a link between the Online Store and the checkout systems as standard;
    • Location data of users, in the sense that Style4Walls can trace where users of the Online Store are geographically located via their IP address.

    4. Purposes the data listed in Section 3 are used for

    Style4Walls collects and processes the personal and other data of users for a range of purposes, including those set out below: 

    in the first instance, contact details are collected and processed to guarantee the functionality of the Online Store. By providing these data, the administrator of the Online Store is able to resolve faults that might occur in the profiles of users. In addition, user e-mail addresses are used to create a profile, and users also have the option of receiving a newsletter from Style4Walls, subject to their consent. Contact details are also used to locate which areas users of the Online Store reside in. These data are also used to draw the attention of users to product offers. Following an assessment of these data, Style4Walls is able to amend its sales policy accordingly.

    The password to be provided by users is collected and processed so that accounts can be reset in the event that users have forgotten the password they have specified.

    Other personal data and sales data that can be categorized as ‘interaction data and behaviour data’ are used and analysed to adjust the content of the Online Store to the searching and buying behaviour of users, so that users are offered a personal and targeted experience. This might mean that the findability of a product relevant to a certain user is optimized, for example, and that targeted offers may be shown to users. Style4Walls also uses buying data to analyse demand for certain products, and to gain insight into its customer database, so that targeted marketing or other policies can be devised.

    Users at all times have the option to delete their account, following which the data collected through the Online Store will be erased.

    For as long as a user uses the Online Store, the data provided by that user, as well as the data derived from their use of the Online Store, will be saved and stored in relation to the purposed described above.

    The personal data referred to in Section 3 of this privacy policy are only available to Style4Walls and are never shared with third parties.

    5. Data retention period

    The data listed in Section 3 of this privacy policy will be retained for as long as the user holds an active or inactive account for the Online Store. As soon as a user deletes their account, all data collected and processed by Style4Walls will be deleted as well.

    6. Legal bases for processing

    Style4Walls is only permitted to process personal data as a data controller if it can justify such processing on one of the exhaustively listed legal bases in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The two legal bases on which Style4Walls bases its processing are: 

    • Consent

    If Style4Walls has asked a user for consent to process their personal data and a user has granted that consent, that user also has the right at all times to withdraw that consent by deleting their Online Store account.

    • Legitimate interest

    Style4Walls may process personal data if it has a legitimate interest in doing so, and if it does not disproportionately breach the privacy of a user in doing so. The legitimate interest of Style4Walls in processing and analysing the personal data of users follows from the purposes listed in Section 4 of this privacy policy.

    7. Security

    Style4Walls takes the necessary care in collecting and processing personal data. Style4Walls BV will endeavour to take suitable technical and organizational security measures that are required to guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the personal data held and to protect them against loss or any form of unauthorized processing. Taking into account the latest technological developments and the cost involved in implementing them, these measures will guarantee a suitable level of security, considering the risk involved in the processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected.

    8. Data processors

    To process the personal data of users, Style4Walls may use service providers (data processors) who process data exclusively on behalf of Style4Walls. Style4Walls will enter into a data processing agreement with these data processors that complies with the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation for such agreements.
    For example, Style4Walls has entered into contracts with service providers who offer SaaS (software as a service) solutions or hosting services. It has also entered into contracts with ICT service providers who support Style4Walls in keeping the Online Store secure and stable. These are examples of parties that qualify as data processors within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    9. User questions about the processing and analysis of their personal data

    Based on the law, users may exercise certain rights in relation to their personal data. For example, users at all times have the right to inspect, rectify, and erase their personal data. After they have granted consent, users may also object to the use of their data, or ask to restrict the use of their data. Users may contact Style4Walls with any questions they have in this regard. 

    In addition, users may at all times specify that they no longer wish to receive a newsletter by e-mail. Users may ask Style4Walls at any time to provide additional information about the processing of personal data, or to inspect or erase their data by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

    10. Complaints

    If you have any complaints about the way in which your personal data are handled, you can contact Style4Walls by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Style4Walls is more than happy to help you find a solution. If we are unable to resolve the matter, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

    11. Changes

    Developments take place at a rapid pace, and that means things might change in the personal data we request from users, and the way in which we process their personal data. Regulations may also change. In such cases, Style4Walls may amend this privacy policy. As such, Style4Walls asks that users check this privacy policy on a regular basis to ensure they stay up to date with the latest developments. In case of any major changes, Style4Walls will also notify users via its website.


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