EPS wall panels

    EPS wall panels

    Enhance your interior without heavy materials. Our EPS foam wall panels effortlessly provide the desired look without hassle or high costs.

    Wall panels in various natural materials provide a unique look in your home. Have you ever thought about covering a wall or part of it with stone strips or wood panels, but were you always hesitant because you prefer not to work with all that heavy material, or because of the costs? If so, the Rebel of StylesUltraLight productsin our range are the perfect solution. You wouldn't say it at first sight, but all of the products below are made of styrofoam.

    The use of EPS styrofoam means that these panels are extremely light and therefore even easier to process and install than our other products. Extra bonus: the styrofoam provides extra thermal and acoustic insulation in the room. Don't be afraid of making a mess in your home when you start working with these products: they can be processed completely dust-free. In addition, they are largely made from recycled material and the panels are also 100% recyclable. There are several different designs available.

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    The Ultralight Benevento series by Rebel of Styles is made of EPS styrofoam. This makes it the lightest stone strip in the world, a package of 6 styrofoam panels weighs only 400 grams. The styrofoam panels have a stone structure that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and they are available in various trendy colours, including anthracite, black and white. If you like, you can also finish them with a solvent-free paint.

    Not convinced by the Benevento series, then the UltraLight HD printed line is definitely for you. These EPS styrofoam panels are also surprisingly light, but these panels are also provided with a hard, impact- and wear-resistant top layer. By means of special HD printing technique, the top layer is decorated with various prints. For example, the look of real wood panels, stone strips, brick walls or concrete. Especially for a tough, industrial look these products are great, and because they are so light, you can easily give your home a makeover yourself.

    Would you rather work with real natural materials? Then be sure to take a look at our complete range of stone strips or wood panels.
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