UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed

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    Create authentic rustic charm effortlessly with our UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed Wall Panel. Real brick appearance, easy installation!... Show more
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    UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed 

    Authentic Brick Appearance, Without Hassle

    Discover the UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed styrofoam panel - the perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen looking for an affordable and versatile way to create a new wall with a beautiful brick appearance. This wall panel not only offers durability and strength but also easy installation and a realistic look thanks to advanced HD printed technology.

    Lightweight Construction:

    The UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft panel combines durability with lightness, making it easy to handle for any DIY enthusiast.

    HD Printed Technology:

    The realistic brick appearance is achieved through state-of-the-art HD printed technology, making the panel practically indistinguishable from real masonry.

    Easy Installation:

    No expensive or time-consuming construction techniques needed. With a mounting knife and our high-quality Rebel of Styles Adhesive mounting glue, this panel can be effortlessly installed by anyone, even without experience in DIY projects.

    Why Choose UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed Wall Panel?

    • Create an authentic, rustic look in your space without the hassle.
    • Affordable and versatile solution for wall decoration.
    • Easy installation, even for beginners.
    • Unique HD print.
    • Lightweight and easy to install.

    Choose the UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed Wall Panel and give your space a beautiful brick appearance without the hassle of traditional construction methods. Transform your interior today with this affordable and stylish wall panel!


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    Product Features:

    • UltraLight EPS HD Printed (styrofoam).
    • Very light (the average homeowner can install the panels themselves without the help of a professional).
    • Easy to transport.
    • Hard surface, impact, and abrasion-resistant.
    • Quick and super easy to apply, a true "DIY weekend makeover product"!
    • Excellent thermal insulation.
    • Can have a positive impact on acoustic insulation.
    • Suitable for almost any wall.
    • No special tools required.
    • Easy to cut to size.
    • Dry, dust-free, and clean installation.
    • Long lifespan.
    • Only suitable for indoors.

    Environmentally Friendly Product Features:

    • Healthy home product | free of VOC substances, Class A+.
    • 100% recyclable.


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    Technical Product Information:

    Product dimensions   120 x 50 x 2 cm         
    Quantity1 piece (=0,6 m2)
    Package dimensions120 x 50 x 2 cm
    Package weight1,7 kg

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    Before processing the panels, we recommend handling the edges and corners of the panels with care. If there are small damages to the side/corners, this can be easily fixed. This does not compromise the product's properties.

    Place a ruler on the back of the panel and cut the desired piece in a horizontal or vertical direction with a fine-toothed handsaw. Then, you can process the product according to the user manual.

    Download the manual here



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    UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed
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    UltraLight Long Brick Rustic Loft HD Printed
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