UltrAcoustic Eco Tile Natural Oak (6 Panels Per Box)

    Introducing the UltrAcoustic Eco - the eco-friendly version of the trendy slat wall. This innovative product not only makes a statement in your interior, but also helps the environment.... Show more
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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    Ultracoustic Eco Tile Natural Oak

    Discover our innovative UltraAcoustic Eco Tile Natural Oak, the eco-friendly version of acoustic wall panels that not only transform your interior according to the latest trend but also have a positive impact on the environment. These panels are made from almost entirely recycled materials, striking a perfect balance between style and sustainability. In addition to improving acoustics, they add a touch of class to any space while giving back to our planet.

    Furthermore, this product is highly versatile. The panels can be rotated to experiment with different designs. Whether you prefer a sleek horizontal line or want to play with various effects, the UltrAcoustic Eco Tile allows you to give each room a unique look.


    Installing these panels is easy and can be done independently using our Rebel or Styles Adhesive mounting glue or by using screws. We recommend using black 4mm screws. If you need to customize the panels, you can cut through the felt with a sharp utility knife or saw the slats to size with a fine-toothed handsaw. If necessary, you can neatly finish the edges of the slats with fine sandpaper.

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    Product features:

    • Lightweight.
    • The listed price is based on a set of 6 pieces. The unit price is €7.49.
    • No special tools required.
    • Easy to transport.
    • Durable top layer, impact-resistant and wear-resistant.
    • Quick and super easy installation, a true "DIY weekend makeover product"!
    • Suitable for almost any wall surface.
    • Long lifespan.
    • Improves acoustics in rooms.
    • Seamless installation.
    • Suitable for indoor use only.

    Eco-friendly product features:

    • 75% recycled felt.
    • 90% recycled polystyrene material (slats).


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    Technical product information:

    Product dimensions

    580 x 290 x 18 mm         


    6 pieces (=1.01 m2)

    Package dimensions

    593 x 303 x 113 mm

    Package weight

    4.7 kg

    Download the manual here.

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    UltrAcoustic Eco Tile Natural Oak (6 Panels Per Box)
    € 44,95
    UltrAcoustic Eco Tile Natural Oak (6 Panels Per Box)
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