Wood Panel 3D Ultrawood Teak Cubic

    Ultrawood Teak Cubic is the perfect choice if you're looking for natural materials and warm colors in the interior. These wall panels environmentally designed and easy to assemble.... Show more
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    Do you have a question about this product?

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    The trend towards natural materials in interior design

    In the world of interior design there are always trends. One of the prevailing trends at the moment is the focus on natural materials and warm colours. More and more people want an interior that radiates peace, comfort and connection with nature. A material that fits this trend perfectly is Ultrawood Teak Cubic.

    Ultrawood Teak Cubic is an innovative product made from carefully selected upcycled and recycled Asian teak. The result is a beautiful wooden wall panelling that is both stylish and durable. In addition, Ultrawood Teak Cubic offers the opportunity to add various organic textures to your interior. By varying the placement of the 3D wood panels, you can create unique patterns that will take your space to the next level.

    Easy installation

    Ultrawood Teak Cubic is suitable for anyone who wants to transform their interior with natural materials and warm colours. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or have never installed anything before, this product is easy to assemble and requires no specialist knowledge. They are lightweight and prefabricated for easy assembly. Attach the wall panels directly to the wall using a saw and Rebel or Styles Adhesive. Just press the wall panel to the wall and you're done.

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    Product features:

    • natural teak wood - no imitation wood 
    • low weight
    • UV-light resistant 
    • no special tools required 
    • incl. adhesive the wall panel is ca. 25 mm thick
    • suitable for almost any solid surface 
    • easy finishing with white wash, oils, varnishes & mordants 
    • jointless installation 
    • for inside use only

    Sustainable features: 

    • made from reclaimed & upcycled teak wood 
    • 100% recyclable


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    Technical product information:

    Product dimensions260 x 260x 20 mm    
    Quantity5 piece (=0,338 m2) 
    Package dimensions265 x 265 x 100 mm
    Package weight4,5 kg

    The two golden rules for the best result are:

    1. Paint your receiving wall black prior to installation
    2. Place the wall panels in a random bond

    Download the manual of the product here.

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    Wood Panel 3D Ultrawood Teak Cubic
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    Wood Panel 3D Ultrawood Teak Cubic
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