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    This way you bring the ultimate New York City loft feeling to your interior

    Imagine: a loft in the heart of The Big Apple. Large, open spaces with a mix of vintage and modern decor – can you picture them? Discover five types of materials with which you can bring that loft feeling into your home. Thanks to the balance of cool and warm tones, every day feels like a blitz visit to New York City.

    1. Brick

    Brick is a must in an interior that exudes New York City vibes. With some breaking work you can reveal your authentic wall.

    Or, ten times easier: you mount wall panels with a brick look, made of light polystyrene foam. A user-friendly alternative to real stones.

    Interior enthusiast Sylvie from @ourlifeatno5 gave the UltraLight Brick Loft Red White HD Coated panels a prominent place in her bedroom.



    1. Wood

    In a New York City loft you often spot white and black, in combination with wood. That natural material breathes life and warmth into your space.

    Is there a bare wall left? Thanks to wall panels with a wood look, you can transform them into an attractive eye-catcher. We recommend 3D wood strips UltraWood Teak Colorado, made from upcycled teak. You can easily mount the light wood strips on any wall. You can also adapt them to your own style by treating them with white wash, varnish or stain.


    Content creator Michèle from @interieurchique covered her living room with it.

    @industrial chic


    @industrial chic

    1. Industrial metals

    Iron and steel remind you of an old factory, making them indispensable in an industrial interior.

    Statement furniture fits the rough, robust character of a New York City loft. Think of a steel bookcase, a wooden dining table with steel legs or a factory lamp with chains - the bigger, the better.

    If you find that too overwhelming, you can cover your space with items that are partly made of metal. Think of mirror frames, handrails or shower screens. For a finishing touch, add a metal side table or flower pot. So those industrial touches are still present, but more subtle.


    1. Concrete

    A concrete floor, wall or staircase provides a sleek, sturdy look. To create contrast, add soft materials such as a fabric sofa or carpet.

    Did you know that concrete is acoustically insulating and retains heat? In summer it feels fresh for longer, in winter it cools down more slowly. In addition, scratches and stains are less noticeable than on smooth surfaces.

    You can easily give your wall a concrete look yourself. You need three colors of wall paint: black, white and light gray. With an old cloth you make thin stripes, which you vary in length and thickness. Rebel of Styles also has the Ultralight Concrete Panel HD Coated. These panels are easy and convenient to install with the recommended kit.


    1. Learn

    Leather contributes to the vintage character of your interior.

    It is up to you to determine whether the material plays a leading or supporting role: you can use leather in large pieces of furniture or small accessories. A sofa immediately catches the eye, while decorative cushions or a bar stool are additional accents.


    Bonus: Art

    Personalize your space with art or artistic touches.

    From an abstract painting or mural to graffiti wallpaper: the possibilities are endless. Or you create a creative atmosphere by combining different items. For example, you can place an antique wooden cabinet against a brick wall.


    Revive the city that never sleeps in your interior?

    This is possible thanks to wall panels with a brick look. Choose your favorite color in the UltraLight series from the Rebel of Styles brand.

    Fan of wood? In the UltraWood series of the same brand you will discover wooden wall panels in different shades.

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