Wood Panels

    Wood Panels

    Create home ambiance with UltraWood. Wood strips bring warmth and structure. For focal point or natural contrast, our products perfectly adjust to your desires.

    Wooden Wall Panels

    Covering a wall or part of a wall with wood panels is the hot new trend in the field of interior design and can be used in almost all rooms. The warm colour and organic structure of a wood stripcreates a cosy atmosphere in any room, for example in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. These wood panels are also increasingly used in restaurants, lounge bars and hotels. With these style4walls products you can easily create a wooden wall as an eye-catcher in the room, or you can cover part of the wall with these wooden wall tiles to create a beautiful, natural contrast in the room.

    Natural Warmth with UltraWood 3D Wall Panels in Teak Wood

    Our wood strips are easy to process and most of them can even be customized afterwards, so you can style them just the way you like it. If you're looking for a modern wood look indoors, we highly recommend Rebel of Styles' 3D wood panels. These lightweight wood panels are available in beautiful designs, including various teak and oak models for a luxurious look.

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