Monday 24 February 2021

    How to create a natural look in your living room

    Which colour to pick?

    Redoing your interior design means exploring colours. Which colours match a natural look? The obvious choice would be the usage of different shades of green. A green accent wall, a large tapestry with a tropical leafprint, you can see it in every living magazine. But besides ‘the obvious’ colours, sand- and cream colours are an addition to your natural look. Are you willing to take a look? Choose an ocher yellow of brown-ish shade like terra cotta. Other very fitting colours which are easy to combine with green, choose a couple of contrasting accessories for some fresh accents in your living room.

    Which materials can you use?

    When applying a natural style, you can go into practically every direction. A combination of rough materials like, stone, cork, wood or bamboo with soft comfortable materials like wool or cotton for example works very well.

    Go for wood strips!

    Want to easily create a natural effect and choose your accent wall at the same time? Go for wood strips! They come in different colours, structures and pattern. They are also easy to apply to the wall yourself. For example, cover the wall behind your television with a rough, rugged wood strip, or add an accent in your dining by covering one of the walls with wood strips. You can even treat most wood strip by painting them in your desired colour.

    Which furniture do you pick to match your natural look?

    If you’ve chosen for wood strips, the next challenge is to find matching furniture. Too much wood would become overkill, a slightly different coloured wood could create a clash in your living room. This is a tricky predicament! We personally like the combination of wood strips and industrial items. For example, choose a set of black steel, sturdy industrial lamps and decorations with geometrical patterns. Would you still rather have furniture with wood accents? Tip: take a piece of the wood strip with you when you go down to the shop. This way you can immediately see if the colour/ structure match your wooden panelling.

    Not a fan of the industrial look? Go for a full on nature-vibe. Pick for example, a dark green couch and accessories and add a couple of nice living room plants. Animal print is also always a good idea, and throwing in a gold accent here and there can really elevate your space. Welcome to the jungle!

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