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    How to create that perfect Feng Shui balance in your home

    Let there be light… 

    Any pleasant atmosphere naturally starts with sufficient daylight in the house. Not only pleasant in terms of living comfort, but also for your health. Do you have very few windows? Then consider installing a beautiful glass sliding door or daylight tube or removing the curtains from your windows. This way the light streams in as much as possible. Natural elements such as wood and cork also fit perfectly in a Feng Shui design. They contribute to a serene atmosphere and natural balance.


    Atmosphere and warmth

    A few candles, some mood lighting or a wonderful natural aroma can do wonders for the atmosphere in your home. The right mood lighting immediately adds that warm pleasant vibe. A pleasant scent creates an inviting environment and has a beneficial effect on the energy. Place an aroma burner with natural essential oils and use natural cleansers with an enjoyable scent. This is all very attractive and original: candles against a natural stone wall. This way you immediately add warmth to a somewhat cooler atmosphere.


    The living room: focused on relaxation

    According to Feng Shui, the living room is the place in the house where we relax and recharge. In short, it should be inviting you to relax on a comfortable sofa, warm plaids, soft fluffy textiles and a warm, pleasant atmosphere. The center of the room remains empty as much as possible for optimal flow. You can place a few small tables and a rug there. 

    The furniture is placed along the wall and several cozy corners are also decorated with mood lighting. In terms of colour palette, one might prefer soft neutral tones for a calm image with some subtle accents.


    The bedroom: serenity and peace

    And of course the same applies to the bedroom. This should radiate peace and serenity in Feng Shui with as few restless elements and distractions as possible. The bedroom itself preferably faces West and the bed is placed with the headboard facing East against the wall.

    Your bed is never between the window and the door. That upsets the balance. The bedroom remains free of electrical appliances. That way you can really do nothing but sleep. And that is extremely important for a healthy night's sleep. 


    Organising, collections and random stuff

    We are now touching on a subject, you will probably already have guessed where this is going ... In Feng Shui you do not place collections or many antique items in your house because they disturb the balance. The same applies to too much or not enough ordered or matching items.  

    So start with a big clean-up à la Marie Kondo. For example, with your overflowing wardrobe with hundreds of items of clothing that you never wear. Start tidying up your house step by step and only keep the things that you actually use. That not only tidies up your house but also your mind. In terms of the amount of stuff and furniture in your house: less is more!


    Fresh air for a pleasant atmosphere

    Your mother and grandmother used to air out the house every day. And that was no superfluous luxury: it keeps the air in your house nice and fresh and clean. So air all the rooms in your home every day to remove the negative energy. And do the same with the sun. Let it shine as much as possible into your house. Do you find it difficult to do this on a daily basis? Then do it at a fixed time. For example when you come home from work.


    Mirrors provide positive energy in your home according to Feng Shui. And not only that, they also reflect natural light and provide a spacious and bright feeling. Don't have any mirrors at home yet? Be sure to place a number of them or create a beautiful mirror wall in a somewhat smaller room. Check out how beautiful these tree trunk mirrors are!


    Flowers and greenery liven up your home

    In Feng Shui we prefer to place many plants and flowers in the house because they restore the balance of energy. The beauty of flowers also brings positive energy to your home, so treat yourself to the most beautiful colors and varieties and place them in every room of your home. Preferably choose your flowers in the color palette of your interior (or matching) for that beautiful finishing touch that really adds that little something extra. These do not necessarily have to be bouquets, but they can also be a few large flowers in a vase, some beautifully arranged tulips in a glass ball or a small flower arrangement in a glass.


    Cleaner than clean

    A quick cleaning every now and then is not enough to keep your house spotless according to Feng Shui. According to these teachings, it is extremely important to keep everything cleaned to perfection. So pay attention to details. This way you can really remove all negative energy from your home. And when we say everywhere we really meaneverywhere. So, behind your kitchen plinth, in the attic, in your laundry room and all the edges and plinths.


    An inviting hall

    And last but not least: the hall. Because yes, that is where the positive experience starts immediately. We often don’t pay as much attention to this space, this is a missed opportunity. Is the room a bit small and dark? Then place a window in your door, a mirror and light shades on the walls. Also make sure that your hall is empty, clean and cozy. And of course place some beautiful accessories, flowers and greenery so that you immediately feel welcome. 



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