Monday 24 February 2021

    Increase the value of your home by implementing these changes!

    Add an annex or a conservatory

    By adding an annex or conservatory you add the most value to your home. This is the case because adding either one of these increase your floor space drastically. Many buyers enjoy a spacious living room. The cost of building either one of these can be co-financed by your mortgage. On average you should count on about 12.000 – 16.000 euro for an annex of about 3 meters. This can increase the value of your with about 7%. You should also think about the styling of your annex. A current is to build a steel annex with lots of window. We also see many brick- or wood strip walls, hearths or a plant wall.

    Energy efficient home

    An important factor in 2020 is energy efficiency. The better your energylabel, the higher the value of your home. In any event add double glass, floor- and roof isolation, solar panels, underfloor heating and cavity wall insulation. Also think of closing holes and gaps surrounding doors, windows or ventilation shafts. An energy efficient central heating boiler and other household supplies are also of great importance. For a few of these changes there is the possibility of receiving a subsidy. An energy label higher than A or B ensures on average an increase in value of around 6.000 euros. A house sells almost a month sooner in this case.

    Redo your garage

    Many garages are empty and get filled up with boxes of stuff. This is such a waste of this valuable space. Transform your garage into a private practice with its own entrance. Or, add a window, insulate the space and turn it into an extra bedroom. All these things add value to your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

    Create a loft in your attic

    Do you have a spacious attic that you barely use? An independent living space in your attic can increase the value of your home with up to 12%. This interests buyers with children or people willing or the space could be rented out. Use the slanted walls wisely by for example putting in low cupboards. Make sure your roof and the floor are insulated properly and add plenty of windows to make the space spacious and light.

    Create an ambiance in your garden (shed)

    You don’t have to do large renovations to add value to your home. When you have an atmospheric, well-kept garden or garden shed that fits your home, this can also add a lot of value to your home. To achieve this, you really don’t have to make any huge changes. Gardens that have a nice atmosphere and don’t require much upkeep with a lot of green are very trendy. Pinterest is filled with examples, and we highly recommend taking a look to help inspire you. By covering your garden shed with Teak look stonestrips you create a unison between the shed and the house. Add a garden hearth and you have an eyecatcher!

    Renovate your bathroom and kitchen

    An up-to-date bathroom and kitchen are very important. A complete renovation is quite the investment though. We recommend making a few smaller changes that can transform your bathroom or kitchen. Think of, a walk-in shower, a good-looking piece of furniture to hold your sink, or a standing bath with a wood strip wall. You could also replace a section of your tile with cement ciré and create a few nice accents. In the end, good lighting and accessories are extremely important to the feel of a room. Renovating your bathroom adds 50% of the cost of renovation to the value of your home.

    Invest in these budget changes

    Small details and accessories have a large impact on an aesthetic. Think of, nice plants, doorknobs or kitchen handles. You’ll be surprised how much better your kitchen looks when you add in a few design handles. Complete the look with a designer tap or a rain shower in your bathroom.

    A walk-in closet is also a desired feature in homes. You can place a ready-made system with a sliding door or shower curtain. If you prefer a more industrial look with an anthracite wall, a carbon-filament lamp, a section with wood strips and some green plants.

    Is your kitchen outdated? Give you kitchen cabinets a spruce by sanding them down or repainting them. The cost of this could be 30 euro or a couple of hundred euro. Day light is also very important in a house. Invest for example in a light well, an extra window or glass doors. Solve all the small deficiencies and make sure your home is freshly painted. People prefer buying homes that have been well loved, but also well-kept. Peeling paint is a huge turn-off!

    Create rooms that feel spacious

    The feeling you get when standing in a space is of great importance. This might be the biggest factor when thinking of buying a house. You can create a large looking space by using light colours, a harmonious design, lots of day light and a limited number of furniture/accessories. A sliding door, an extra window of light wells can help you achieve this also. Another recommended choice is using different gradients of the same shade on your walls. To add some variety, use plants, light or a woodstrip in a light colour. Repaint your rooms. A fresh coat of paint gives a space a brand-new feel. In addition, mirrors also make rooms appear much larger.

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